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Drying Technology Content

Changzhou Dakota drying equipment Co., LTD. Is specialized in the dry equipment study design, development and production, sales, installation in a body specialized technology enterprise, the company technical force is abundant, the scientific research personnel account for 40% of the total number of companies above, production equipment, processing ability. Changzhou Dakota drying equipment for have a new old union research team, the more than 30 years has been committed to the development of the drying equipment, the production and operation. The company focuses on science and technology innovation, and has Shanghai, wuhan, and chongqing medical design institute and a number of scientific research colleges and universities cooperation development. Every year there are new products, possessing many times obtains the high praise in the industry.
Changzhou Dakota dry in focus on professional, but also in the focus on serialization of products, diversification strategy. Dakota drying equipment with reasonable design, advanced structure, energy efficient, safe environmental protection characteristic. Widely used in wood drying in the mouth, chemical drying, food, Chinese traditional medicine drying drying, agricultural and sideline products, paper products drying, drying, metal powder coating drying curing dry, textiles, and animal husbandry breeding, dry flower awning, workshop, workshop heating, etc. For many years, our company for the country‘s many departments directly under the multiple industries and areas to provide a large amount of research results and related products by several ministries and enterprise‘s praise.
Changzhou Dakota dry based on many years of drying equipment production management experience and combining the ISO9001 international quality management system, summed up a set of suitable for dry equipment enterprise company industry quality management system, so that from processing technology to quality management can guarantee in strict accordance with the international standards and national standards and trade standards for manufacturing, production, in order to guarantee to provide high quality, reliable products. Along with the development of national economy, our company also will develop more to adapt to the demand of the industrial quality cheap products, to reward the old and new customers to our company‘s deep love.